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With gratitude and appreciation, we invite natural wellness visitors,
and Reiki course practitioners to send us a review.

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Zan Kleinman

Reiki Ranch Ohio is ABSOLUTELY the most amazing space I have EVER had the privilege to be at. Jennifer Wykoff who is the Mystical radiant guardian of your well being allows you to experience "Your" experience as she guides you into your highest vibration of well being. The environment Jennifer has created is one of connectedness to your own Truth, so you as a client may allow anything that does not serve you to be released, and to enhance all that make you sing. I have never experienced this level of openness, warmth, compassion, and the depth of feeling grounded as I have while I've been at Reiki Ranch Ohio. If you don't what gift to give someone's holidays are almost upon us, consider giving them a Reiki Ranch Ohio experience that they will have forever and never forget. My life has been deeply and profoundly changed in so many ways because of my multiple visits to the Ranch.

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